Syrian Turkmens support Turkey's involvement in Idlib

Turkmens: an ethnic group at the center of the Syrian conflict (DW)

February 22, 2020. 15:37

Turkey is involved in Syria in order to stop deaths and displacement, speaker of the Syrian Turkmen Assembly said on Saturday.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, Muhammed Vecih Cuma said that the continuing attacks by Assad regime and its allies in Idlib, Syria, have led to the region's "biggest humanitarian crisis".

He said that nearly four million people in the region were expecting help.

"One million of them are displaced from their homes and have lost their families," Cuma said. "While some of them live in tents, others, unfortunately, try to survive under trees. Turkey helps them."

Established in 2012, the Syrian Turkmen Assembly is a coalition of Syrian Turkmen political parties.

Syrian Turkmen, or simply Syrian Turks, are Syrian citizens of Turkish origin who trace their roots to Anatolia. The majority of them are the descendants of migrants who arrived in Syria during Ottoman rule.