Greece terminates the contract with Russia and may send Tor-M1 and Osa-AKM air defense systems to Ukraine

August 25, 2023. Hellas.

Greece has decided to terminate the contract with Russia for technical support and maintenance of the Tor-M1 and Osa-AKM air defense systems. This "top secret" document was accidentally published in the country's parliament, which caused a wide resonance. This is reported by

According to the publication, the available spare parts will only last a few months of active operation of the systems. This step of the Greek authorities has caused concern among experts, since significant financial resources spent on these systems are estimated at around a billion euros. Such a decision can lead to additional costs and problems in the country's defense sector.

There is a possibility that these air defense systems may later be redirected through third countries to Ukraine. This development could have a number of diplomatic and political implications.

Greece's decision to terminate the contract may be due to pressure from Western partners or a number of other circumstances that are currently not disclosed.

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