Russian submarine was hit in Sevastopol


Photo credit: @MT_Anderson / Twitter

September 13, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Reports are surfacing that a KILO class submarine under the command of the Russian Navy has potentially been targeted by Ukraine in Sevastopol, as asserted by submarine expert H I Sutton in a tweet, although confirmation remains pending at this juncture.

Images currently in circulation indeed reveal a Ropucha Class landing ship engulfed in flames. Russian sources allude to damage to two vessels. Analytical studies done by @MT_Anderson mark the other likely casualty as a KILO class submarine, identified based on its location in an identical dry dock as the burning ship.


Sutton has divulged, although yet to indulge in a comprehensive analysis, that the affected KILO seems to bear semblance to a Pr.636.3 Improved-KILO. He reveals that Russia commands four of these in the Black Sea, in addition to a single Pr.877 KILO, baptized as Alrosa, distinguished by its pump jet.

 An essential distinction to note is that the Enhanced KILO class submarines possess the capacity to dispatch Kalibr cruise missiles. The notion that Alrosa, another class of submarine, might have been upgraded to launch these missiles during its refit is plausible, although it lacks definitive confirmation. Consequently, this possibility is perceived with a degree of skepticism. “Must reiterate that, based on what I’ve seen, the KILO is unconfirmed,’ Sutton said.


Russia confirms the attack

According to an official statement by the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian Armed Forces [AFU] launched a tactical assault on the S. Ordzhonikidze ship repair plant [SRZ] in Sevastopol, employing ten potent cruise missiles in their operation. Notably, seven of these airborne threats were successfully neutralized by efficient air defense mechanisms.

 The stringent night-time defensive maneuvers of Russian forces reacted to a multi-pronged aggressor strategy. The Ukrainian forces not only targeted the ship repair plant with the arsenal of cruise missiles, but they also assaulted a Black Sea Fleet detachment during a maritime transit with three unmanned boats.

 The defense authorities relayed that the majority of the inbound missiles were strategically intercepted and neutralized. “Of the incoming barrage, seven cruise missiles were systematically shot down by air defense systems. The patrol ship Vasily Bykov, executed with precision, obliterating all unmanned boats,” elaborated the ministry. The onslaught resulted in damage to two ships under repairs.

  Previously, Sevastopol’s governor, Mikhail Razvozhaev, divulged preliminary findings on the missile attack on the city – a bold act that precipitated a fire in the South Bay area. The governor reassured citizens by stating, “Following the aggressive incident, robust operational services were activated at the Sevmorzavod’s southern site. This robust response resulted in 24 unfortunate casualties, with only four reported to be in moderate condition. The situation is under control, and there is currently no threat to the city.”


The ‘two ships’

Multiple channels on Telegram have corroborated the reports of the Ukrainian offensive, indicating instances of maritime infrastructure damage. A transmission from the renowned Telegram outlet, SHOT, detailed that “the onslaught on Sevastopol bay inflicted damage on two vessels: The B-237 Submarine named Rostov-on-Don and the Ropucha-class landing ship christened Minsk. In addition to this structural damage, the distressing loss of two lives and injury to 26 individuals were further consequences.”