Israel's Iron Dome malfunctions, sending missiles into Tel Aviv


An Israeli Iron Dome air defence system launches a missile to intercept rockets fired


Nov 6, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Videos shared online appear to show Israel’s Iron Dome defence system malfunctioning and attacking sites in Tel Aviv.

The system, which is designed to protect against incoming short-range weapons, stopping them from reaching their intended targets, was seen lighting up Tel Aviv’s sky last night with its so called “interceptor missiles” appearing to loop in the sky and land in Tel Aviv, damaging local property.

There were no reports of fatalities as a result of the malfunction.

Israel has at least ten Iron Dome batteries placed around the country to protect civilians and critical infrastructure, with each battery able to defend up to nearly 60 square miles of land. They are billed to be able to neutralise threats launched from up to 43 miles away.

Middle East Monitor