Saudi-Kuwait-US joint military exercise concludes

Nov 16, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

Hafr al Batin.

The second Arabian Gulf Shooting military exercise concluded on Thursday in the northern Hafr Al-Batin region of Saudi Arabia.

The mixed land-based training maneuvers involved troops from the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Kuwait Land Forces and US Task Force Spartan.

Brig. Gen. Mohammed Al-Badrani, the training commander, said the event included practical and field exercises and lectures designed to improve practical and tactical cooperation between the forces and enhance the implementation of joint land operations.

The participating units developed ideas and training for the planning and implementation of tactical operations for armored units, mechanized infantry, helicopters, irregular warfare operations, the evacuation of casualties from the battlefield, sniper tactics, and the disarming explosive devices and materials.

Military chiefs present at the conclusion of the exercises included the commander of the Royal Saudi Land Forces, Lt. Gen. Fahd Al-Mutair, the commander of land forces at US Army Central, Lt. Gen. Patrick Frank, and the commander of the Kuwaiti Land Forces, Maj. Gen. Mohammed Al-Suwait.

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