January 11 - US believes in possibility of durable peace between Azerbaijan, Armenia


Jan 11, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


 The US believes in a possibility of a durable peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, Vedant Patel, Principal Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department said during a briefing, in response to a

 question about progress between the parties in the peace process following the visit of Senior Advisor for Caucasus Negotiations at the Department of State Louis Bono to the South Caucasus, Trend reports.

"We continue to believe that a durable peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan is possible. It is something that the department will continue to work towards. Obviously, coordinator Bono, the secretary, and others continue to be deeply engaged in it," he said.

On January 8, Louis Bono visited Yerevan. During the visit, issues related to the normalization between Armenia and Azerbaijan were discussed.

The US Embassy in Baku commented on Bono's visit, noting that he frequently visits the South Caucasus to discuss US support for the peace process between Baku and Yerevan and ways to achieve a durable and dignified peace.

"We don't have details to announce. Bono regularly engages with a range of key stakeholders in Armenia and Azerbaijan to support the peace process. We are ready to assist any process that brings peace and stability to the people of the South Caucasus," the embassy said.