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MINA News Agency a Major Embarassment of Objectivity and Truth in Reporting

FYROM’s efforts to disseminate propaganda in the internet, has reached recently epidemic proportions. FYROM’s propaganda machine has been masterful at using certain electronic media in performing this task, and intentionally producing lies and misinformation.

One of the most suitable candidates for earning the title of the News “Best Manipulator” is the infamous MINA. Today’s MINA landscape consists of tiresome repetition of half-truths and falsehoods when dealing with neighbouring Greece.

A fine example can be found on the news story concerning Ms Dora Grosomanidou, the former Head of the Greek Liaison Office in FYROM. Ms Grosomanidou had given an interview for Financial Times on 04.07.2007 where she stated explicitely:

““Greece has to face the new reality, as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia has been recognised under its constitutional name by more than half of the members of the United Nations

Let’s check out now, how the Masters of Manipulation in MINA, distorted and presented Ms Grosomanidou’s statements.

CASE 1. In MINA’s related report of the 1st May 2008, we can find.

Someone here just shot on his own foot. Ms Grosomanidou never stated “‘Macedonia’ [Meant here FYROM] has been around before Greece“. MINA commited an amateurish, pitiful attempt to distort her original statements. They have a point though. Indeed, the culprit behind this petty article could constitute a Jerry Springer’s Material.

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