Russia used North Korean missiles, US says


Jan 4, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


The White House has said North Korea provided Russia with ballistic missiles and launchers for its invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, Putin sped up the Russian citizenship process for foreign fighters. DW has the latest.



What you need to know


The United States said Thursday that Russia has recently used North Korean missiles on Ukraine, most recently on Tuesday.

White House official John Kirby, citing declassified intelligence, said one of the North Korean missiles was also fired on December 30.

In addition, Kirby said Russia was striving to procure ballistic missiles from Iran for its war on Ukraine, but a deal on the matter between Moscow and Tehran had not been completed.   

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he is in favor of expediting the citizenship process for its foreign fighters who serve in the Russian military.

Foreign fighters will only need a minimum of a one-year enlistment in the military to acquire a Russian passport for themselves and their families, bypassing residency and Russian language requirements.     

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North Korea recently gave Russia missiles for assault on Ukraine, US says

North Korea recently provided Russia with missiles and launchers for it to use in its invasion of Ukraine, the White House said.

"This is a significant and concerning escalation," White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby told journalists in a press conference. 

Kirby, citing recently declassified intelligence, said Russia had shot one of the North Korean ballistic missiles into Ukraine on December 30.

Russian President Vladimir Putin last met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in September.

Concerns grow that North Korea is sending weapons to Russia

The visit raised suspicions that the two sides could engage in a weapons deal. Russia is seeking more arms for war in Ukraine, while North Korea wants to modernize its Soviet-era military equipment. 

Kirby also said Russia is seeking to procure short-range ballistic missiles from Iran as the invasion of Ukraine presses on.

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