February 10, Albania:The arrival of Blinken/ The well-known expert breaks down the scenarios of the American Secretary's visit


Feb 10, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The international relations expert, Ardian Shtuni, was invited this Saturday to a TV show, where he commented on the reasons for the visit of the American Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, to Albania.

Shtuni said that Blinken's visit to Tirana takes place in the context of global challenges, as well as regional ones.

The security situation in Kosovo is an issue that, according to the expert, is closely related to his visit to Albania.

Shtuni also said that with his arrival, Blinken expresses his appreciation for the loyal partnership that Albania has shown towards the USA.

"Albania is considered by the United States as a key and very important partner for regional stability and is a stable ally when it comes to facing global challenges. And we are at a time when we have many global challenges and such a visit is expected. Albania has played a decisive role in the Security Council when it was in the position as a temporary member of the Security Council in 2023, where at the same time it was a co-host with the United States of America.

These are very turbulent times and it has shown its position as a courageous, capable and quite reliable ally of the United States. And I think that this is an appreciation and a congratulations for a very good job, done in a peaceful way, as well as for results that are very visible in the international arena for a small country with small capacities such as Albania. There is congratulations for a very important role played by Albania. There are also challenges that are at Albania's door and not only global ones. Attempts at destabilization in the north of Kosovo and beyond and Albania has an important role for regional stability. And the last is the time, since it has been 8 years since the visit of a Secretary of State to Albania", he said.

The expert Satuni added that the key priority of the USA in Albania is the security of the country, as well as the strengthening of democratic institutions and those of justice, which according to him can be part of the discussions that will take place in Tirana.

"The US priorities in the Balkans are quite clear, the consolidation of Albania's security is a key priority, but the strengthening of democratic institutions and the judiciary is also a key priority, and that is why the US has been investing in Albania for a long time. Then this is related to internal developments and it turns out that many politicians who were at high levels are being investigated", said Shtuni.

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