February 6, Immigrants' pensions/ The general director of the Insurance Institute reveals the details: This is what will happen to Greece

Feb 6, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The general director of the Insurance Institute, Astrit Hado, has shown in a TV show what is expected to happen with the pensions of immigrants in the Greek state.

He said that there is no technical problem and expressed full confidence that Greece will accept.

"We have already managed to establish contacts with the Greek government. 

We had two meetings, one in Athens and then we invited them and they came to Tirana. 

We talked technically with our colleagues, how we have the schemes and how they can be coordinated. We have agreed and the Greek side is "full of ideas" that we have a very good social system and it is easily coordinated with the Greeks.

Those who have not paid the contributions, no longer have any chance to pay them. 

What is a problem today is that our citizens in Greece have not been able to do paper work for 15 years and those citizens who have returned to Albania leaving half of them have lost. But I am confident that Greece will accept. The obstacle is political. 

The biggest fight that is taking place today has to do with the work force", declared Hodo.

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