US army shoots down 3 armed drones before striking its base in southeastern Syria


Nov 6, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


The US army foiled an attack on its base in southeastern Syria and shot down three explosive-laden drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UVAs) before they could reach their targets, the Arab media write.

The US Al-Tnaf military base in Syria, near the Jordanian border, was the target of the armed drones, local sources said.

US troops shot down the drones before they could reach their targets, they added.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attempted attack on the US military base, and the US has also not issued a statement about the incident.

In recent days, US military bases in Syria have been targeted by drones carrying explosives and surface-to-surface missiles, the perpetrators of which remain unclear.

The latest incident occurred when Israeli forces intensified attacks on Gaza after its blockade, preventing any humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

At least 10,022 Palestinians, including 4,104 children and 2,641 women, have been killed in the Israeli bombardments in the Gaza Strip. The Israeli death toll is nearly 1,600, according to official figures.

Besides the large number of casualties and massive displacements, basic supplies are running low for Gaza's 2.3 million residents due to the Israeli siege.