January 25 - "They were waiting to get food", Hamas: Israel killed 20 people in Gaza


Jan 25, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The Ministry of Health of the Palestinian Islamic group  Hamas  has accused Israel of killing 20 people who were waiting in line at the exit of Gaza City to receive humanitarian aid. 

"The Israeli occupation carried out a new massacre against thousands of hungry people  ," killing 20 people and injuring 150, said Ashraf al-Kudra, the ministry's spokesman. Islamic Jihad, another Palestinian group, reported being hit by  "artillery shells and rockets". 

Meanwhile, the Israeli army has not yet responded. Witnesses interviewed by AFP confirm that they were targeted by the Israeli army.

"People had gone to look for food and flour because they had nothing to eat. And suddenly the tanks arrived and started shooting at the people, who cut them to pieces  ", describes Abu Ata Basal, the uncle of one of the wounded.

"We went to look for flour and they bombed us  ," said Mohammed al-Rifi, who was wounded in the arm and leg.