Syria Condemns "Unjustified" Jordanian Air Strikes


Jan 23, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

Syrian authorities condemned the recent airstrikes by the Jordanian Air Force in the southern part of the country, labeling them as "unjustified."

The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs asserted that it attempted to contain the situation to prevent it from negatively impacting the relationship between the two nations.

The ministry, in a statement reported by the official news agency SANA, claimed that the strikes led to civilian casualties, including women and children, and caused injuries.

While Jordan justified the airstrikes by targeting individuals involved in drug smuggling across the border, Syria argued that the strikes were inconsistent with the agreed-upon cooperation to combat violations.

Syria highlighted letters its Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Defense and security services sent to their Jordanian counterparts, proposing practical steps to control the borders. These letters expressed Syria's readiness to cooperate with Jordanian civil and security institutions, but they allegedly received no response from the Jordanian side.

In recent weeks, the Jordanian army has intensified its campaign against drug smugglers following clashes last month with individuals transporting drugs, weapons, and explosives across the Syrian border.

Jordan did not comment on the incident.

Notably, Smugglers have used Jordan as a corridor to smuggle Captagon amphetamines out of Syria, mainly to the Gulf countries.