February 19, He was poisoned


Russian head Igor Kirilov spoke up today with the latest information.

Feb 19, 2024. Posted by Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The Ukrainian armed forces poisoned the head of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo, with phenolic compounds.

The forces have repeatedly used toxic substances in battles against Russian soldiers, Igor Kirilov, head of the Unit for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection of the Russian Army, said today.

"The army of Ukraine uses poisonous compounds not only during military operations, but also to carry out terrorist acts, and so in August 2022, they poisoned the head of the Kherson region, Vladimir Saldo. He was hospitalized and tests showed the presence of the substance ricin,'' Kirilov said at a press conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense on cases of violations of the Chemical Weapons Convention by the US and Ukraine, TASS reports.

He added that Ukraine, with the complicity of Western countries, is using chemicals prohibited by the Convention against Russian troops, as, he said, the Nazis did during World War II.

He pointed out that in August 2022, there was a case of the use of a toxic chemical similar to the chemical war agent benzilate, which for a long period has an extremely negative effect on the peripheral nervous system, as well as that in April last year Ukrainian forces used hand grenades and plastic containers that they dropped Ukrainian drones, which contained a mixture of tear gas and the banned pesticide chloropicrin.

Kirilov added that, in addition, the Ukrainian army uses unknown chemicals in battles with Russian forces. He pointed out that the US is violating the convention by storing highly toxic reactive residues in facilities in the states of Kentucky and Colorado that remain after the process of destroying weapons, as well as by transferring non-lethal chemical weapons to third countries, such as Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The US was supposed to destroy the marked remnants of its chemical weapons stockpile in 2007, but, despite the available economic potential, did so only in 2023. At the same time, the destruction process was monitored by limited inspection teams that did not include experts from Russia.

The US still has highly toxic reactive substances left behind in facilities in Kentucky, Colorado," Kirillov said, adding that Russia destroyed all stockpiles of chemical weapons in 2017, and that the destruction was witnessed by inspectors from Western countries, including the United States.

Kirilov claims that Kyiv is developing a "special chemical belt" tactic, which involves blowing up containers of hydrogen cyanide and ammonia as Russian troops advance.