February 7, The Greek businessman is executed in Athens, the connection of the victim with Albania is revealed


Feb 7, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The Greek businessman is executed in Athens, the connection of the victim with

Kristos Jalias [Χρήστος Γιαλιάς], a well-known businessman in the meat and dye trade, was executed in Athens.

The attack happened on Wednesday evening in the industrial area of ??Athens called Mandra, 20 km north-west of the country's capital.

The police say that the Kalashnikov was fired at the victim and then the victim's car was set on fire. A few meters further, another vehicle was found burnt, inside which a Kalashnikov was found. It is suspected that the vehicle belongs to the perpetrators of Jalia's murder.

Kristos Jalias was a well-known businessman in Greece. He was one of the biggest meat traders in Greece. He also had a paint factory and was the president of the Trikalla football team.

He was married to an Albanian woman from Elbasan and had a child with her. His first wife was mysteriously executed in 2018 and the perpetrators have never been found.

The name of Jala is also included in Albania in some commercial activities, import and export of trade goods from Latin American countries to Albania with an intermediate station in Athens, meat trade, paint and property purchase.

He employed more than 4,000 employees in his dozens of companies and businesses.

The police say that there are two lines of investigation. That of settling accounts between the cigarette contraband gangs operating in the Elefsina area, or the track of ruining businesses with his Albanian partners in the businesses he conducted with our country.

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