Vučić on the vote for the Resolution on Srebrenica: They knew that Russians and Chinese would veto it


Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić addressed the public

April 20, 2024. Posted by  Periscope - Hellas

President of Serbia stated that he is satisfied with the armament of the Vihor 2024 military exercise, and points out that this is how our army should look on the real battlefield.

"I say this because we must fundamentally abandon the concept of four brigades. We must have units for action in all branches of the army," said Vučić.


Vučić stated that all the technology is new, and that he was interested in seeing the "Alas" system.

Vučić states that the Pasars did a great job, and that they hit drone targets made by the PRDC.

"They hit everything, and they also showed how they can act on armored vehicles as well. We saw a lot, top-notch training and everything was prepared without fail. We also saw Kurti's stupid comments. It bothers him that we are 30 km away from the administrative line. Well, now we have to do it in the center of Belgrade. Sometimes it becomes tragic, how much nonsense you have to hear from people from the region and some world officials," said Vučić.

President of Serbia also spoke about the vote for the Resolution on Srebrenica in the UN.

"It is a German idea, supported by NATO and everyone else. They also found Rwanda, they also found New Zealand and Chile. They also found several countries that have always been sponsors of such projects, such as Malaysia and Jordan. They also have North Macedonia, so there's no big philosophy there. I guess it's thanks for what we did for Skopje. I saw Austria there, nothing strange considering all that Shallenberg is doing against our country," said Vučić .

Vučić added that something that falls under the authority of the Security Council has been moved to the UN General Assembly.

"They knew that the Russians and the Chinese would veto it, and that is why they are now going to the UN General Assembly, because they expect a secure majority and want to make a blow to the Serbs and Serbia. They want to humiliate Serbia in the Council of Europe. The Germans played that game in the UN General Assembly, the Americans joined them. I have an important and difficult conversation with Jim O'Brien in the afternoon. And everything Dora Bakoyanni said was a lie and a shame. She didn't come to Belgrade to talk to us, twice I accepted conversations with her, and every time they were cancelled," said Vučić.

Speaking about the Resolution on Srebrenica, Vučić stated that the resistance to it is growing.

"They calculated that they would have 70-90 votes in favor, that Serbia would have 20 votes up to a maximum of 30 votes, and that the others would abstain. I tell you now that there will not be such a result. We are fighting, and our fight continues. It will not be easy, we will see who is a friend of Serbia and who respects international law. It is interesting that Efraim Zuroff made a statement like this. And I expect Yehuda Braun, the world's greatest expert, to speak out as well," Vučić said and added:

"It won't be so easy, there will be more abstaining countries than in favor. And they will say they won. They underestimate us, so they make fun of the rally in Banjaluka yesterday. I'm just asking you, why do you think people vote against. Do you think that these are people who support crime. No, people understand that it's a policy, something you've been doing for decades, against a small nation that opposed the hegemony. We won't have 5, 10, or 20 votes against it. And there will be more abstentions."

"I will have a direct meeting with the representatives of over 120 countries. I have spoken with the representatives of 23 countries on this issue so far. I sent letters to everyone because of the Council of Europe. Milanović says that he will vote in favor of the resolution even though I sent him a five-page letter. I also wrote to others. We will continue to fight, and let the people know, we will save Serbia and the image of the Serbian people. And if they have more for than against, which is likely, the day after we will raise the Serbian tricolor and walk even more firmly and strongly, it's only the vote in the UN General Assembly where the truth really lies. Despite the pressure from the Germans and the Americans," said Vučić.

Vučić also said that today is the 11th anniversary of the Brussels Agreement, adding that he thought it was a difficult compromise.

"I participated with Dacic, who signed it, and I suffered the worst attacks on Kosovo. We did the best for the country at that moment. That was the only way not to be brutally punished. When you have that in mind, it is clear to you that we have endured well all this time not to recognize the independence of Kosovo, to continue to exist as a nation, without endangering ourselves with wars and sanctions," said Vučić.

Vučić states that this is the 11th year of lies and shame of the EU and the USA.

He says that yesterday the State Department, the EU and many others said that Serbia has no right to detain buses at the border.

"There was no detention of the bus. Two or three Albanians and one Serb from the Kosovo Police were detained. One of them was in the KLA, suspected of crimes against Serbs. And they were released within 24 hours. No one was beaten, mistreated... And I ask why they didn't ask why Stefanović was beaten in Zubin Potok. They kept Obrenović in prison for 7 or 8 months. They didn't say a word to him for months," said Vučić.

"The fight is ahead of us, we will not surrender and we will not let them humiliate us and show us that they won easily. One small Serbia, one small European tribe, will show how it fights for its freedom, and we will do much more than our opponents think today that they will make. And when it is over, we will continue to work even harder, to win and show how much more successful we are," President of Serbia concluded.