Sali Berisha for RAI 3: I am under arrest for political reasons, Rama is afraid of my return


Apr 22, 2024. Posted by  Periscope - Hellas


An investigation of the ‘Report’ show of RAI 3 has shed light on the Italy-Albania agreement for immigrants. RAI 3 paid special attention to the case of the leader of the opposition, Sali Berisha.

In an interview for "Report", Berisha stated that he is being kept under "house arrest" in a totally political process, due to Edi Rama's fear of the return of Sali Berisha.

"Yes. I am under house arrest for a totally political process. I am not accused of corruption, but I was put under investigation, but for political reasons, for the fear that Edi Rama has of the return of Sali Berisha and that he has adopted these measures" , declared Berisha.

The documentary raised the concern that the millions thrown by the Italian government could go to waste since if the opposition comes to power it will not renew the agreement after 5 years when it expires.

Berisha said that he opposed the Meloni-Rama agreement as he emphasized that his government will not accept such a pact.

"I opposed this agreement because of the problem of human rights. You cannot accept that Albanian or Italian policemen are guardians of human rights. No. These camps should have been supervised by parliamentarians, by the UN... My government will not accept this agreement. Maybe the Italian government is not happy with this, but this should be clarified", said Berisha.