Shocking scandal involving Israeli female soldiers with an imprisoned Palestinian


Sept 29, 2023.  Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

An investigation by Israeli security authorities has unveiled a shocking scandal involving five female soldiers serving in Ramon Prison in the Negev, who allegedly had intimate relations with a Palestinian prisoner serving a life sentence. The prisoner had been convicted for his involvement in an attack in central Israel that resulted in Israeli casualties.

According to the Ynet website, the case came to light after intelligence information reached the Information Security Branch of the Security Service, indicating that a female soldier, a prison guard, had established an intimate relationship with the security prisoner over the past year. The investigation further revealed suspicions that the prisoner possessed a mobile phone in his cell, which he used to communicate with prison guards and exchange photos.

The website reported physical and intimate contact, apparently consensual, between one of the female guards and the security prisoner. The details collected by the Information Security Branch were transferred to the National Unit for Investigation of Prison Guards, leading to the detention of one prison guard for questioning. Subsequently, the female soldier was interrogated on fraud and breach of trust charges. During her interrogation, she disclosed the involvement of four other female soldiers in similar relationships with the same security prisoner.

The detained female soldier, nearing the end of her military service, has been placed under house arrest. Authorities are preparing to summon the other four female soldiers for questioning, suspecting their communication with the same prisoner. The security prisoner has been relocated to a separate facility and is expected to be interrogated by the police.

Commenting on the incident, Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir expressed shock, stating, "The shocking publication that suspects female soldiers of having intimate relationships with security prisoners is further evidence of the necessity and speed of removing female soldiers, our girls, from all wings of security prisoners." He emphasized ongoing efforts to phase out the presence of female soldiers in these wings, with the goal of complete removal by mid-2025.