French people believe gov’t is too soft on migration


Sept 29, 2023.  Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

All recent polls indicate that the French support tougher government action on immigration. According to the French CNews news channel, 70% of French citizens are calling for a referendum on the issue.

“Penalties must be tightened for people who cross the border illegally. Increase security measures. Unfortunately, police work is becoming increasingly difficult,” a woman from Paris said.

Another female caller added that the problem is that France is taking in a lot of people, and there are not enough jobs and accommodations for them.

“You can see a lot of people sleeping on the streets. It’s awful. There are also tents around the Eiffel Tower, and the drug addicts in Paris are mostly foreigners, so there is a lot of theft”.
More migration than ever

There have never been as many immigrants in France as there are today, Director General of the Office of Immigration and Integration Didier Leschi told CNews.

He pointed out that about 10-11% of France’s population is foreign-born.

Didier Leschi explained that over the past 50 years, the number of immigrants in France has more than doubled. “There are just over 7,000,000 immigrants in France, 2,000,000 of whom have already obtained French citizenship,” he said.

New migration law

The French government is expected to present a draft reform of the migration law in a few weeks.

The new law is expected to speed up the expulsion of immigrants convicted of crimes and regulate the legal status of thousands of foreigners working in sectors with labor shortages.