Hellenic Navy Considers Acquiring the 4th F/C FDI Belh@rra


April 28, 2024. Posted by  Periscope - Hellas


The Greek Defence Ministry is considering acquiring the 4th frigate FDI Belh@rra as an LCS surface unit, and Coastal Patrol Vessel alternatives seem to fail.

According to the Greek Publication Kathimerini, the Greek Defence Ministry is looking for an intermediate solution ship for the Hellenic Navy.

The provision of U.S. Coastal Patrol vessels through the Excess Defence Articles (EDA) appears to be rejected by both political and military administrations.

 At the same time, the scenario of Greece's participation in the U.S. Navy's Constellation class remains at a theoretical level since the design of the ship has not been completed.

Kathimerini states acquiring the 4th F/C FDI Belh@rra was discussed during the recent visit of the Chief of General Staff, Vice-Admiral Dimitrios – Eleftheriou Katara at the Lorient shipyards in France, where the three Greek FDIs are built.

 Adding one more ship to the FDI production line will provide additional industrial work to the Salamina and Skaramanga shipyards, which are already involved in constructing blocks of FDI frigates.

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