42 countries are trying to end the war between Israel and Hamas


Nov 27, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

Delegations from European Union member states, Middle Eastern countries and North African states met on Monday in Barcelona to demand an end to the war between Israel and Hamas. 

The meeting was dominated by calls for an end to the conflict in the Gaza Strip, while Palestinian officials called for an extension of the truce.

 Calls for an end to the war between Israel and Hamas were at the center of a meeting of 42 European Union, Middle East and North African states participating in the meeting organized by the Union for the Mediterranean.

  "Nothing can justify Hamas's brutality against civilians on October 7, but one horror does not justify another horror," EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said. "The pause must be extended, made stable and long-term, while at the same time working towards a political solution. A political solution would allow us to break the cycle of violence once and for all. The more we allow extremists to set the agenda, the more extremism will spread, not only in the region, but there will be consequences for us in Europe as well."

Israel does not participate in this forum, which in recent years has served as a platform for cooperation between the European Union and the Arab world.

 Meanwhile, the Palestinian foreign minister also called for the continuation of the current four-day ceasefire, which ends today.