Jakimovski: Macedonia needs over EUR 50 billion in investments and youth to stay home


Apr 13, 2024.Posted by Periscope - Hellas

Kriva Palanka.

The key in our battle is how to create the conditions to prevent the emigration of the youth and young couples from Macedonia. Some emigrate due to economic reasons, but the majority leave the country because there is no system here. Young people want to see a functional judicial system, a functional state administration, a functional labor market, a functional market economy, but all of this requires investments, said GROM presidential candidate Stevcho Jakimovski during a campaign stop in Kriva Palanka on Saturday.

Jakimovski said the country needs investments of over EUR 50 billion in infrastructure, railways, traffic, industry, energy and tourism.

He was quizzed by reporters on the lack of presidential debates, shunned by his opponents Siljanovska Davkova and Pendarovski.

"How can they be presidents, how will they set up a dialogue between the ruling authorities and the opposition, how will they create dialogue on key issues if they are not prepared to have dialogue with their opponents? They can hide from debates but not from the citizens," said Jakimovski.