Media: Ultimatum for Serbia


Apr 17, 2024. Posted by  Periscope - Hellas

The multi-year dilemma "Kosovo or the European Union", which has been hovering over Serbia, will get its practical form next week, the media write.

According to Novosti, that expression will be summed up in the official blackmail of Brussels - EU membership will not happen until we recognize the so-called Kosovo and until we accept their membership in the United Nations.

The ambassadors of the EU member states adopted two days ago the amended text of the joint position for Chapter 35, which implies that Serbia will fully implement its obligations arising from the Agreement on the Road to Normalization of Relations between Belgrade and Pristina, in accordance with the Annex on its implementation, agreed March 18, 2023 in Ohrid.

This means, Novosti further states, that this document becomes an integral part of the negotiations within the negotiation Chapter 35. The confirmation was given, without discussion, by the ambassadors at the meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the Governments of the EU Member States (COREPER) and thus practically asked Belgrade to renounce the part of its territory, the paper continues.

The text should be confirmed at the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council, most likely next week, after which it will be officially sent to our authorities as an act of the EU's negotiating position for Chapter 35.

Whether Serbia will be put before the choice of "Kosovo or the EU" will depend on the Council of the European Union, which makes the final decision, and that by consensus.

According to unofficial information, Hungary, although it recognized the so-called Kosovo, opposes this condition. There are also five countries that have not recognized the fake state: Spain, Cyprus, Greece, Slovakia and Romania.

According to former Minister of Foreign Affairs Živadin Jovanović, the EU does not have a mandate from the UN Security Council to resolve status issues, at least to impose conditions, deadlines and solutions, in violation of international law and legally binding decisions of the Security Council.

"The EU and each of its members individually have the obligation to respect Resolution 1244 with their acts and demands towards Serbia as an imperative, international law decision. Serbia has no obligation to accept or participate in any acts that are not in accordance with the UN Charter 1244 or our Constitution. We act based on international law, valid decisions and friendly countries that represent the majority of the world," says Jovanović.

In February, the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) submitted a proposal that would make the obligations from the Ohrid Agreement an integral part of the process of negotiations on Serbia's EU membership. With that text, the obligations from the Agreement on the Road to Normalization of Relations between Belgrade and Pristina, as well as the annex to its implementation, agreed by the picturesque Macedonian lake, would formally become an integral part of the negotiation process on Serbia's EU membership.

In December last year, the EU Council of Ministers asked the European Commission to include these obligations in the negotiation framework between Belgrade and Brussels.