The Netherlands Sent Three F-16 Fighter Jets To Romania


Apr 18, 2024. Posted by  Periscope - Hellas

Three F-16 fighter jets arrived on Wednesday at the military base in Fetești. The fighter aircraft were donated by the Netherlands, and on board were the Minister of Defense, Angel Tîlvăr, and his Dutch counterpart, Kajsa Ollongren.

The three F-16 fighter jets landed today in Fetești, and on board were also the Dutch Minister of Defense, Kajsa Ollongren, the Romanian Minister Angel Tîlvăr and General Gheorghiță Vlad, the head of the Romanian Army.

According to MApN, the F-16 aircraft will be made available to the European F-16 Training Center and will be used within the programs dedicated to pilots, for the operation of this type of fighter aircraft.

The Netherlands donated three F-16 planes to Romania for the Training Center in Fetești, which was inaugurated last year, with  pilots from Romania training here.

The pilots go through three training stages. The first time the practical one, then they also go to the simulator, there are several simulators at the Fetești base. After that, they get to fly them.

All the pilots who are preparing during this period will fly the F-16 planes that Romania already has. We are talking about a squadron that is already making raids over Romania. Another 32 aircraft are due to arrive from Norway.

The Netherlands sent the first five F-16 fighter jets to Romania at the end of November 2023, to be used to train Ukrainian pilots.

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