Greece closed to recognizing Kosovo’s Independence, Kurti


Sept 8, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Could Kosovo convince non-recognizers within the European Union to recognize it as an independent state? 

Furthermore, what are Kosovo’s own prospects for a possible inclusion into the EU?

 To discuss all this, our correspondent Sascha Fahrbach caught up with Kosovo’s Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, in Tallinn, and talked to him about his country’s aspirations.

Although there are 27 states in the European Union that recognize the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state, there are 5 states which do not.

These include Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, Romania, and Greece.

 But Kosovo’s Prime Minister Allbin Kurti is optimistic that his country will eventually manage to convince the non-recognizers. 

Kurti pointed out that in recent years Kosovo has made some diplomatic progress in terms of communicating and cooperating with the non-recognizers, in particular Greece, who is near to recognizing Kosovo. 

He further added that his country’s desire to enter the EU is not fueled by mere self-interests, but that the country would like to contribute to the EU, which is the most important political project for peace since WWII.

He also said Kosovo, given its low operation costs in terms of renting premises and labor, can be an ideal destination for foreign investors.

He also addressed the subject of digital recognition and the spread of disinformation across Europe.


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