Former Montenegrin PM says his life is threatened


Nov 15, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

Former Montenegrin Prime Minister and leader of the United Reform Action (URA) civic movement Dritan Abazovic said he is aware that “his life is threatened” because he dealt with organized crime when 

he was part of the executive branch, adding that, in the Spuz state prison, “his name is the one most often targeted as the criminals’ biggest problem.”

Abazovic told the “daily Nova” that he is mentioned in this context by people “who have more money than the Montenegrin treasury,” and that he is certain they will “want some kind of revenge,” but stressed that this “does not cause him any special fear.”

Abazovic said that he still has “certain measures of protection” even though he is no longer the prime minister.

“I think that organized crime has infiltrated into the new political structures and that these people definitely won’t give up. They have more money that we have in the Montenegrin state treasury at this moment. These people will definitely want some kind of revenge and to restore their positions. A lot will depend on the new authorities and their determination to stand in their way,” said Abazovic.