Lavrov says Egypt become “global player”, praises its efforts on Gaza

Nov 17, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday that “Egypt has become a global player”. Praising its role and efforts to resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and stopping the war in Gaza, Lavrov affirmed that Egypt’s capabilities extend beyond the Middle East.

He added during an interview with RT network that the international peace summit hosted in Cairo on October 21, was the first international event that aims at ending violence in Gaza.

Lavrov noted that “It was important to show that the international community does not want to watch in silence what is happening in Gaza, but rather wants to stop any military actions, and release all the hostages. Allow civilians from other countries to leave this area and ensure peace and security for the residents of Gaza.”

He also shed light on the situation in the occupied West Bank, saying that “hostilities have not been officially announced in the west bank; however, it is also witnessing raids launched by the Israeli army, which does not contribute to creating the conditions for starting the transition to peace -and ultimately, after solving all humanitarian problems-, the negotiations on the establishment of a Palestinian state.”

The Russian minister stressed that “Cairo plays an important role in this process. Its capabilities as a state and an international player extend beyond the Middle East and the African continent. Egypt is truly a global player.”

The New Administrative Capital hosted on Saturday, October 21, Egypt’s Summit for peace with an expected wide international participation to reaching a solution for the ongoing violence in Gaza.

The call that was made by President Abdel Fattah al Sisi on October 15 during a meeting of Egypt’s National Security Council was praised and welcomes internationally, especially with the continuing escalations in the Gaza strip and the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people.

In his opening speech at the Cairo Summit for Peace, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi declared that eliminating the Palestinian cause without a just solution will never happen and that will never happen at the expense of Egypt.

“I want to state it clearly and unequivocally to the world, and articulate in sincere terms the will of all the Egyptian people, every single Egyptian: that the liquidation of the Palestinian cause without a just solution is beyond the realm of possibility, and in all cases it will never happen at the expense of Egypt, absolutely not,” said President Sisi

The President affirmed that Egypt did not close the Rafah border crossing but the Israeli shelling hindered the entry of aid to Gaza. He added that he had agreed with American President Joe Biden to operate the crossing on a sustainable basis, under the supervision of and coordination with the United Nations, the UNRWA and the Palestinian Red Crescent.

“The aid and relief shall be distributed under the supervision of the United Nations to the people in the Gaza Strip,” President Sisi said.

He added that the world is watching a catastrophic humanitarian crisis affecting 2.5 million Palestinians in Gaza.

“Egypt is telling you in all candor and sincerity: that the solution for the Palestinian cause is not displacement, and is not by forcibly transferring the entire people to other regions; the one and only solution is justice, with the Palestinians obtaining their legitimate rights for self-determination, and leading a proud and safe life in an independent state on their land like the rest of the peoples of the earth,” said President Sisi.

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