US Embassy Postpones Alumni Meeting in Baku Amid Espionage Allegations


Nov 28, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


After Azerbaijani media published constant articles portraying the meeting as the US embassy's spy network and who was recruited as an American agent while training in the United States, the US Embassy in Azerbaijan postponed the ceremonial meeting with the graduates of American universities, which was planned to be held on November 27 at the Marriott Absheron Hotel in Baku. 

Commenting on these accusations and the meeting, the US Embassy in Baku responded: "The Embassy looked forward to celebrating the anniversaries of our two-flagship educational and cultural exchange programs, as well as highlighting the achievements of the Azerbaijani community of US-educated graduates and their contributions to their communities. These anniversaries made the Embassy's annual alumni event even more special this year. At the event, more than 400 guests, including the non-profit and private sectors, were expected to attend."

"We look forward to rescheduling soon," the embassy added.

Notably, the number of Azerbaijani citizens studying in the United States has been increasing in recent years. In the 2022-2023 academic year, 901 young people from Azerbaijan are studying in the United States. According to the information from the US Embassy, this is 23.8 percent more than the previous year.

As previously reported by Caucasus Watch, on November 21, the Azerbaijani Parliament condemned the S3000 law of the US Senate in a special statement.