Bulgaria and Turkey sign an agreement on cross-border cooperation against illegal migration


Nov 28, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

An official ceremony for the awarding of the first contract under the Bulgaria-Turkey Cross-border Cooperation Programme (2021-2027) took place in Bourgas on November 28. 

This is a strategic project that will significantly increase the efficiency of the police services in both countries in dealing with illegal migration.

The ceremony was attended by the deputy ministers of the interior and regional development, the deputy governors of Edirne and Karklareli, as well as the police directors of Bourgas, Haskovo and Yambol.

The total budget of the project is over 1,700,000 euro. The funds are to be used to purchase high-capacity specialised vehicles for the protection of the Bulgarian-Turkish border, document checking devices, vehicle recognition systems and a number of training courses for the law enforcement agencies of both countries.

The police noted that in recent days there has been a decrease in migrant pressure.