US looking into allegations of Serbian companies violating sanctions on Russia


Nov 12, 2023.  Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The US is aware of the existence of and is looking into the reports on Serbian companies that are, in violation of the sanctions, exporting to Russia goods that can be used in the military industry, said the State Department in a reply to Voice of America.

We once against call on Serbia to join the international sanctions so Russia would answer for the crimes and violations that it has committed in Ukraine, Voice of America quoted the State Department as saying.

It stressed that America will not stop imposing sanctions on those who are collaborating with Russia.

The United States have taken and will continue to take coordinated moves against those who are helping the Kremlin by bypassing sanctions and export control measures, said the State Department.

It added that the United States, its allies and partners, are united in their support for Ukraine as if faces unjustified Russian war – including greater efforts against evasion of sanctions.

Voice of America