Protest in Tel Aviv over the death of hostages by the Israeli army


Dec 16, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


The killing of three hostages by the Israeli army, as a result of a well-planned ambush by Hamas, has ignited the Israeli society, along with the families of the hostages.


They took to the streets of Kaplan Street, a vital artery in Tel Aviv, and closed it.


This military failure raised the number of hostages killed by Israeli fire in the sector to twenty-three.


On the other hand, the army, for the first time, acknowledges the occurrence of its elements falling into various types of Hamas ambushes.


One of the prominent tactics is Hamas deploying dolls in booby-trapped locations. As the military unit approaches, cries for help in Hebrew are broadcast through loudspeakers, prompting the unit members to storm the area where the explosives are detonated.


These scenes, along with the significant failure of the army, whether in rescue operations or in not achieving more than forty percent of its goals in the war on Gaza, according to the confession of military and security personnel, drove Israelis to the streets. There, they threatened to go on a hunger strike until the return of the hostages and the announcement of a ceasefire.


Under this pressure, Benjamin Netanyahu moved and gave the green light again to Mossad Chief David Barnea to reach a prisoner exchange deal soon.


Accordingly, Barnea met with the Qatari Prime Minister in Norway in a step aimed at resolving the captive file and potentially altering Israel's equation for the continuation of the war.


The slogan "Everyone and immediately," shouted by thousands of demonstrators in the Israeli streets, alongside "Everyone for everyone and immediately," puts political and military officials at a crossroads regarding the fate of the fighting in the Gaza Strip.


There is a fear of soldiers withdrawing from the battlefield after the revelation of ambushes set by Hamas and the difficulty of fighting there.