January 17 - “SCANDAL” -North Macedonian national flag and the Vergina flag banned at the Australian Open”


Jan 17, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


The North Macedonian official flag, as well as the Vergina flag, are banned at the Australian Open, the groups of Slav -Macedonians in Australia informed on Monday.


So, the North Macedonian Australian Pride announced that the organizers of the Grand Slam instructed the Channel 9 TV, which carries out the broadcasts, not to show several flags.
Some of those flags are the North Macedonian, the Greek Vergina, Palestinian, Belarusian, Russian and Taiwan.

This is a really scandalous decision of the organizers if it is known that  Slav -Macedonian national Lina Gjorchevska also performed in the qualifiers. If she had entered the first round, the Slav -Macedonian fans would not have been allowed to wave their national flag.

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