January 16 - Cocaine by submarine from Panama to Italy/ 29 people were arrested, how the Albanian boss discovered the scheme

 Jan 16, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

 The supply of drugs to some of the Camorras' main trading centers in Naples and the province passed through the Netherlands and Spain.

And it was guaranteed by drug traffickers - some of them Albanians - with the mediation from Dubai of Bruno Carbone, the right-hand man of Raffaele Imperiale, the boss of Van Gogh, two criminal organizations that used this route to bring cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

  But both were dismantled by an Italian anti-mafia operation and investigation coordinated by the Naples Prosecutor's Office.

According to Italian media, 29 people, members of two criminal organizations dedicated to international drug trafficking and distribution, were arrested this Tuesday in an operation by the Naples police in Italy.

The operation started in the early hours of the morning and was mainly focused on the Sanita area. Thus, about 100 kg of drugs were seized and the group communicated with encrypted phones.

Part of this group is also Bruno Carbone, the Italian arrested in Dubai in November 2022, wanted since 2003 and considered one of the most important traffickers after Raffaele Imperiale.

Among the arrested are some Albanians and the organization trafficked cocaine, marijuana and heroin. The drug route has been the Netherlands and Spain.

Drugs, especially cocaine, traveled in large bags or containers. But also in submarines. That had become the safest tool for criminal organizations.

Confirmation of the use of "underwater" travel was discovered by the Italian police during an interception of an Albanian boss, among those arrested in this operation.

In 2021, speaking to a compatriot who had just landed in Naples, he reflected on the risk that a shipment of drugs could be detected by drug-sniffing dogs if it was carried in bags.

Containers are safer, but with submarines there are more guarantees:

"Underwater is 100% safe, but this can only be done from Panama", he says in the intercepts.

This is the confirmation of how the drug traffic is using this additional means of transport, as it has already been discovered by the American police during a recent anti-drug operation.