Albanian PM reacts after EPP resolution allowing Fredi Beleri to swear in


Sept 5, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


The Political Assembly of the EPP in the European Parliament, which is being held these days in Brussels, approved a resolution presented by the New Democracy where it requests from the Albanian authorities the permission for Fredi Beleri, elected mayor of Himara, to swear in.

Regarding this, Prime Minister Edi Rama reacted through a post on social networks, where he says that the assembly does not specify who the authorities are talking about.

Among other things, Rama writes that they are ready to provide the PPE with information on Beleri’s case in any format and at any time.

Further, Rama emphasizes that Beleri’s case is not the result of the elections, but the result of the courts.

“Interesting! “We appeal to the Albanian authorities”… An appeal without specifying which authorities and, certainly, without being informed that the problem in this case is not the result of the elections, but the result of the courts, which have already rejected such a request. 

I used “certainly” because it would be truly shocking if the major European People’s Party passed a resolution entitled “Rule of Law” to demand a different outcome to that decided by the Special Prosecutor against Corruption and Organized Crime and Special Courts with the same name. These institutions were established with the full support of the EU and the US and are closely assisted by the US and the EU in their impressive work against corruption and organized crime.

If necessary, we are more than willing to provide the highly respected EPP leadership with information on this matter in any format and at any time. It is without a doubt that all Albanian authorities greatly expect the continued support of the EPP, as a strong voice of our Europe during this historic phase of change for our country. Finally, high-profile cases are being thoroughly investigated, overcoming political affiliations and signaling the end of a long era of impunity,” Rama writes.