Albania:Justice left Beleri in prison, OMONIA reacts: Albanian courts showed that they are dependent on Rama

Oct 12, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

OMONIA has reacted after the Court's decision today to postpone the deadline for making the decision for the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, who is in prison for stealing votes.

Through an announcement to the media, OMONIA gives a slap to justice by emphasizing that with today's decision, the Albanian Courts showed that they are dependent on Prime Minister Edi Rama. Also, it is emphasized that their mission continues.

OMONIA's reaction:

The Albanian courts once again showed that they are dependent on the Prime Minister Edi Rama as well as all the occupiers of the lands of the Himarjots. Today, the courts postpone to October 17 the trial for making the decision, for the elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri.

 The vicissitudes that these courts bring to the elected representative of Himara have one and only one purpose, to remove him from the municipality, as the deadline for the validity of the mayor's oath is getting closer every day. The citizens of Himara, those who voted for Mr. Beleri, but also the whole of Albania, already clearly understand the political game of Edi Rama and Jorgo Goro, to hinder this process by directly influencing the decisions of the court. Citizens already know about the "stones under the wheels" that are placed on Fredi Beller to prevent him from exercising his duty, which the people entrusted to him through the vote of confidence. It is clearly understood that the purpose of hindering the mission that the citizens of Himarjota have assigned to them has only one motive, that of alienating the properties on the coast.

The anger of the denunciations of Mr. Beleri, the denunciations for the alienation of properties, the sending of the former mayor and government ministers to Spak, Prime Minister Rama paid off by bringing obstacles and knocking down every request of Mr. Beleri at the doors of the courts. Today, unlike in the past, the courts did not overturn Mr. Beleri's request, but decided to postpone it, playing "cat and mouse" with public opinion regarding this issue. Before that, Rama and his clientelistic society were best care, to include Etleva Deden in the judging panel, who has previously taken care to fulfill every order of Rama and Goro to defeat every request of Fredi Beler.

Our judicial body presented a request for the removal of this judge, a request which, not surprisingly, was dismissed again on October 17. We already expect all the injustices from this government as well as from Goro-Rama, but we guarantee that no obstacle will scare us to carry out our mission to the end, to exercise the duty of mayor in the municipality of all Himarjots. Not for Fredi Beleri, but for the citizens who believed with their vote and every day they demand the stopping of injustices against them and the curbing of land alienation. Our mission continues!!!