Dozens of Albanian criminal 'heads', equipped with Greek police identity card

Bledar Jambellin and dozens of Albanian criminals with Greek cards, the trial for the gang begins in Greece, among the suspects...

Oct 24, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

 The Greek authorities have started investigations against a gang, which is suspected of providing Greek cards to some Albanian underworld figures. 

According to the Greek media, among the 217 people summoned to the Court of Criminal Appeal in Athens for the false identity mafia, there are also 38 police officers, some of them former officers in key positions, as well as civil servants in police stations. civil servants and private individuals, intermediaries, etc.


It is learned that such cards were also found in use by Laert Haxhiu, Bledar Jambelli, Marius Diamanti, etc. Even Jambelli was one of the people who told the Greek police the name of the person who headed the criminal group that supplied Albanians with these cards.



Initially, the scandal was discovered by the Greek police at the end of 2021, where 20 people were arrested, among them 9 police officers, 1 official of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, 1 employee of civil status, 1 lawyer and 8 citizens and identified 34 policemen involved. They had operated as a criminal group from 26.04.2013 to 30.11.2021. Specifically, they provided Albanian citizens with regular identification documents and licenses that result in serious criminal precedents. They also facilitated the movement of these persons to different countries of the "Schengen" area, where in some cases they were arrested.


The identity given to the clients was mainly that of homogeneous ones from the countries of the former Soviet Union. 30,000 euros were paid for each identification document, while the Greek police managed to seize 600,000 euros during the operation. Only in the safe of the office of the Police Director of Aspropirgo, Jorgo Bello, 320 thousand euros were found and seized without justification.



But who were the Albanians who were provided with such documents?


Marius Dhiamandi, 37 years old, born in Delvina and resident in Athens, was executed with a firearm at the gas station owned by his wife on November 16, 2021. He was previously convicted for a quantity of cocaine in the Greek state, as well as for a murder for which he pleaded not guilty. After his death, Dhiamandi was found to be the author of the murder of the Belgian Christof Waegeman on May 29, 2020 in Athens. Waegeman was a major cocaine trafficker, one of the suspects in the "Mackerel" file, where cocaine trafficking by the group of Abdelilah EM alias Black, which is located in Dubai, was investigated. Dhiamandi was provided by the Greek criminal group with the identity of Stergios Mazmebidis, a Greek of origin from the former Soviet Union.

On 25.07.2014 in Virona, Greece, a card was issued in the name of Alexei Tsvetkov, while on 25.01.2015 this person was arrested by the Halandri Police Station and from the investigations it turned out that he was the citizen Mario Dervish Leskaj, born on 26.03.1980, born in Albania, who was previously accused of drug trafficking. On 15.12.2015, this person was arrested again in the criminal organization of drug trafficking. A card with the name of Alexei Tsvetkov was found in his apartment, which was not suspended anyway. On 07.02.2020, when he was released, he went to the Aspropirgo Police Station, when he asked to renew his card, which was actually seized by the anti-drugs. He renewed the card. On 25.01.2021 in Halandri, the DIAS team was stopped for inspection. One of the police officers started to question him in some Russian words when he stopped him for a search but he did not answer. Immediately uploaded the photo of the card to a group where the police communicate and the response came from an officer of the sector against crimes against life and property. He said that the person in the photo is an Albanian previously convicted of cocaine trafficking, fines, explosives and assaulting the police. Mario Leskaj was arrested again, now for forging the card.


The 49-year-old businessman from Tirana, with the initials N.E., in 2015 had paid 50 thousand euros to the criminal group and secured an identity card and a passport, with which he traveled to London with his family and set up a business there. The Albanian businessman on June 6, 2021 together with his lawyer, a false witness went to a police station in Greece where they declared the loss of documents and requested their renewal. the self-proclaimed Greek citizen named Damiar Hasenov, in fact did not know a word of Greek and communicated with the officers in English. After an investigative procedure, the 49-year-old revealed that he was from Albania and his name is N. E, born in Tirana. He was immediately prosecuted for forgery and the Department of Internal Affairs was informed about the serious case. The strange thing is that the criminal group did not let this fake data go to waste. A few days after the discovery of the case, it was revealed that these data had been used to issue another identity card from the Distomo Police Station. The head of the Aspropirgo Police Station even called the head of the police in Axarno, who discovered the double identity of the Albanian, but also the head of the police in Distomo, who had issued an identity card in the name of Damiar Hasenov, asking for information beyond his powers.



Another scandalous case is mentioned in the investigation file, that of an Albanian from Vlora. On January 11, 2019, the Virona Police Station was informed by the General Directorate of the Greek Police that a few days before October 31, 2018, citizen ... was arrested in the Netherlands during drug trafficking checks. During his fingerprinting, it turned out that he had been re-registered in Germany and the Czech Republic as an Albanian citizen.... was born in 1977 in Vlora, Albania. During the arrest in the Netherlands, it turned out that he was wanted in Greece with an arrest warrant on 26.05.2016, an arrest warrant from the Athens Prosecutor's Office for creating a drug trafficking criminal group. He is still wanted today, sentenced in Athens to 12 years in prison and a fine of 51,000 euros for drug trafficking.


One of the leaders of the criminal group that provided Albanians with Greek documents is Mr. Ilia. 294,000 euros were seized from the latter's apartment. Mr. Ilia had obtained two false identity cards, specifically on July 25, 2014 from the Virona Police Station and another one in 2021 from the Ampelokipi Police Station. It turns out that he was arrested in the Netherlands in 2018 for drug trafficking. In one day with him, the Albanian Mario Dervish Leskaj also secured a false identity under the name of Alexei Tsvetkov. It turns out that Leskaj was previously arrested for drug trafficking together with the Albanian Ilia Z.



Bledar Jambelli alias Rikardo Muho, the orderer of the murder of Commissioner Artan Cuku, turns out to have been provided with a fake Greek identity by this criminal group. Bledar Jambelli had secured in Xania a Greek identity card and passport in the name of Xristos Xamkidis. Ricardo Muho, who according to the Greek police, had criminal activity in Spain and Greece, was interrogated by the Greek police in April 2020 where he provided valuable information regarding the criminal group of counterfeiters. According to him, he had paid 35 thousand euros to change his identity and he had done this in order not to be extradited to Albania but to stay near his family members who are in Greece.


On April 29, 2020, as he was summoned by the Piraeus Prosecutor's Office for a case of cigarette smuggling, Bledar Jambelli alias Rikardo Muho, as a "disgruntled customer" had revealed the identity of one of the leaders of the group, a 62-year-old homogenous Greek from Kazakhstan. He said that M. had admitted to him that the identity data they had given to Muho, had also been used on two other people. Two homogenous Greek cousins from Kazakhstan turned out to be in charge of the criminal group of forgers. Even 37-year-old Marius Dhiam andi from Delvina, killed in Athens, owner of the identity Stergios Maznevidis, it turns out that he was in contact with one of the leaders of the group until 2 months before he was executed by a hired killer.

On May 22, 2023, in Ioannina, after a chase, the Greek police stopped a "BMË" X6 SUV, inside which were the Albanians Laert Haxhiu, 31 years old from Lushnja, Juxhin Barjami, 35 years old from Delvina and Firdeus Berberi, 22 years old from Pogradeci. Haxhiu was wanted in Albania for murder, while Berberi was wanted for "intentional serious injury". Meanwhile, Barjami is the first cousin of Marius Dhiamandi, as it turns out that he was injured during the November 16, 2021 assassination attempt where Dhiamandi was killed.


During the control of the vehicle, Laert Haxhiu found and seized a Greek identity card in a Georgian name, issued by the Greek Commissariat of Distomo, which turned out to be a revoked card.


Other cases of searching for Albanians equipped with Greek cards


Albanian national wanted internationally in Russia and France for murder, maritime piracy, criminal organization, hostage taking.


Albanian citizen who has served a sentence in Greece but is wanted in Europe for drug trafficking. With precedents for drug trafficking and forgery.


Albanian citizen with precedents for drug trafficking, criminal organization, cooperation in the release of a prisoner, escape, forgery, sentenced to 25 years in prison for hitting the police with a "Kalashnikov".


As well as some other citizens accused mainly of drug issues.


Interception of the Albanian: "Tell him you will kill your mother"


During a police interception, the head of the criminal group of counterfeiters receives a phone call from an Albanian citizen born in 1984, who was the owner of the identity... and among other things in the conversation he says: "Tell him, if there has been any damage to my documents mia, you want to... tell your mother, as I say it".