"If you have contact with the former mayor still in office, you become...", Fredi Beleri comes out of prison with a strong statement...


Oct 11, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

Fredi Beleri, who is in prison accused of buying votes, made a statement to the media from prison. Beleri has accused the former mayor of Himarë, Jorgo Goro, that if you have contact with him, you can get property in Himarë.

Beller's press release:

As it turns out recently, from increasingly frequent evidence, if you have "contacts" with the former mayor of Himarë still in office, you become a property in Himarë.

This is the reality and the screaming fact that is coming out into the light of day more and more every day, testimony after testimony. Having been born and lived wherever you want, in Gramsh, in Tirana or Vermosh, it is enough to be "friends" with Gjergji Goron and you can miraculously buy an AMTP in Himarë, in the place of your choice, regardless of whether it is a forest or a pasture. , rock or land near the sea.

Based on the position, the price is also decided. This is the "Renaissance" offer that the Socialist Party, Prime Minister Rama and his vassal in the Goro municipality have had for 12 consecutive years.

It turns out that the owner of a 7,000 square meter forest in the middle of Himara is a resident of Gramsh. Owner with confiscated properties in the middle of Porto Palermo, a former judge.

Owner with newly forged documents and a famous policeman, as well as with AMTP and a great journalist and "principled" our fellow citizen.

The Himariotes said no to this offer and will continue to say no in the future!

Evidence of the theft of their legitimate properties by the Himare municipality gang, which continues the robbery with the blessing of the government, is emerging every day.

I will personally continue to denounce and file a report for every case in defense of the interests of every square centimeter of the properties of the Himariots!

We call on all our fellow citizens to come and report any case of property abuse near the offices of OMONIA Himare.

I am today a prisoner of the power that did not want and does not want these thefts and extortion of Himariot properties to be identified!

You have entrusted me with this historic task and mission in defense of your property and rights, a mission which I will fulfill with the greatest dedication!

Ndërkohë që ndaj meje zhvillohen procese gjyqësorë farse e të montuar, hajdutët e pronave vijojnë të ndërtojnë pa leje, të grabisin tokat e gjyshërve tuaj, t'i shesin ato dhe të marrin paratë e korrupsionit dhjetëravjecar me bekimin dhe mbrojtjen e pushtetit!

Ping pongu juridik i kompetencave të moskompetencës nga drejtësia pa drejtësi qëllimisht po më mban larg zyrës së bashkisë Himarë.

Pavarësisht nga kjo, ju garantoj se cdo rast abuzimi dhe vjedhje do të shkojë përpara drejtësisë!

Unë personalisht do të denoncoj në vijim cdo rast të konstatuar të falsifikimit të pronave dhe vjedhjeve prej bandës që vazhdon të mbajë të urzupuar bashkinë Himarë!