Bulgaria’s PM in Jerusalem: We are here to express strong support for Israel


Nov 6, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel visited Israel a month after the war with Hamas began. Denkov expressed Bulgaria's full support for Israel and its right to defend itself within the framework of international law. 

Benjamin Netanyahu said his country was fighting a battle for civilisation. President Yitzhak Herzog also thanked Bulgaria for its moral clarity in support of Israel.

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov and Deputy Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel landed at Ben Gurion Airport in a military plane, accompanied by the Bulgarian Ambassador to Israel, Slavena Gergova and Yossi Levi Sfari - Israel's Ambassador to Bulgaria.

Minutes later the meeting between Nikolai Denkov and his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu began. Denkov said that he was in Israel to express Bulgaria’s full support.


"We are here to express our strong support for Israel and its citizens. We know how difficult times are and that is why we have to be here. I want to say that we are all shocked by the terrorist attacks that killed so many innocent people and it is extremely important that all hostages are released as soon as possible," said Nikolai Denkov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria.

"Thank you, Mr Prime Minister. You express to a great extent our position that we are not only fighting our war, we think we are fighting the battle of civilisation against barbarism. If civilisation doesn’t prevail, barbarism will. This is not only our battle, it is your battle as well," explained Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

We are, also, fighting an enemy, the most savage enemy we have seen since the Holocaust. They are committing double war crimes. Not only are they purposely robbing civilians as targets, but they are using their civilians as human shields. Israel is doing everything in its power to take civilians out of any danger. Hamas is doing everything it can to keep them there. Sometimes by a gun held to the forehead," said Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister.

Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov said Bulgaria was also concerned about what was happening on the streets of Gaza.

"It was really shocking to see the attacks that killed people here in Israel and we want to say that Hamas and all its military and administrative structures should be uprooted because this cannot go on like this.

We know that you have every right to defend yourself within the framework of humanitarian and international law, but it is important that humanitarian aid is provided without being abused," Denkov said.

Netanyahu thanked for the prayer for peace that took place in the Sofia Synagogue and Prime Minister Denkov stressed that Bulgaria will continue to support its large Jewish community.


Israeli President Yitzhak Herzog also thanked Bulgaria for its support.

"We have always said that the way Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people behaved during the Holocaust is an example for all nations around the world. Moral clarity. Bulgaria's moral clarity resonates everywhere and it resonates now - in one of our darkest moments," said Yitzhak Herzog, President of Israel.

President Herzog pointed out that Hamas had committed barbaric acts and that the scale of the attack on Israel was eight times greater than 9/11.

Bulgarian National Television