Albania - Greece: The problem with the elected mayor of Himara has not been resolved

Elected Mayor of Himara Municipality, Fredi Beleri. 

Dec 28, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Igli Hasani, stated that there is a serious commitment to finding a solution regarding the deadlock with Greece, according to local media

When asked in a press conference if there is an official negotiation between Tirana and Athens regarding the successor or new caretaker of the Municipality of Himara, referring to the Prime Minister’s announcement to remove Jorgo Goro as a step towards resolving the deadlock with Greece, Hasani said that he hopes all issues will be bypassed in 2024, and Albania will enter the New Year with clear ideas towards becoming a future member of the European Union.

“There are negotiations, there are ideas, there is a serious commitment from both parties to find a solution that will provide a new dynamic for 2024. We continue all our efforts for Albania’s commitment to the path to the EU to be as clear as possible. 

All obligations we have taken on should be realized from the very beginning, the organization of the Second Intergovernmental Conference should be a part related to all this contribution that has been given so far. 

We hope that at the beginning of 2024, the Second Intergovernmental Conference will take place, and all issues will be bypassed, and we will enter 2024 with clear ideas towards becoming a future EU member. We need to deepen the reforms and take on the obligations that we ourselves have accepted,” he expressed.

Regarding the sea issue with Greece, Hasani stated that the Albanian Government is waiting for authorization from the President of the Republic to continue the process.

Responding to media interest in which phase this issue is, Hasani said, “The commitment is maximal, but the positions are clear. Greece is an important neighbor of Albania, a member state of the EU, and is a neighbor with special contributions and merits. For this, our commitment is full, maximum, both in relation to official Athens and in relation to Brussels”.

“I am in constant contact with the President of the Republic. I am waiting to see if he needs more information. I know there was written communication a few months ago. I have expressed readiness for us to provide more information or ideas about the decision he needs to make to strengthen us with giving the mandate to start a clear negotiation,” Foreign Minister Igli Hasani said.

Both Albania and Greece have declared that they will resolve the sea issue between them at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.