The 'Beleri' case/ Rama demanded the resignation of the mayor of Himara, Jorgo Goro reacts and comes out with a warning: To resolve the impasse...


Dec 21, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

 The current head of Himara Municipality, Jorgo Goro, may leave this post, after the request of the Prime Minister, Edi Rama, for him to resign.

 In a television interview, the current mayor of Himara said that it is understandable that there are developments so that the impasse created after the arrest of the elected mayor, Fredi Beleri, is resolved.

"Understandable, there will be developments to resolve the deadlock", he said.

Edi Rama asks Jorgo Goro to resign. The prime minister made the request to the acting mayor of Himara on platform X after learning about the decision of the Special Court of First Instance on the "Beleri" case.


In its reasoning, the court says that it is up to the government to find the solution, firstly by respecting the law and secondly by referring to the best European practices. And one of them that the court brings as an example is the temporary administration of the local government by the central government for as long as it is considered unable to perform its duties for certain reasons.

Based on this evaluation of the court on the situation created in Himare, which continues to be led by the loser of the local elections in May, Edi Rama concludes that the socialist Jorogo Goro must leave.


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