January 24 - Albania should support the Kosovo army


Jan 24. 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Today, the whole world is arming itself, especially after the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine, Israel-Palestine war, and in our region, where Serbia is arming itself, as well as NATO members, i.e. its Balkan member states, such as Greece and Croatia. 


The most threatened country in the Balkans is the Albanian state of Kosovo, and it is up to Albania more than any other country in the world to support and help Kosovo militarily because this is in Albania's own good for national security.

 The amendment requesting aid of 50 million euros for Kosovo, for its army, which comes from the deputy of Albania, Zt. Basha, this amendment comes as an accurate and appropriate assessment in the moments of increasing instability in the Balkans, when Serbia is arming itself more and more every day and which provokes the destabilization of Kosovo, which constitutes a threat to all peace in the region and more wide. 

Kosovo is the main goal for destabilization by Serbia and Russia.

 In these circumstances, the one that is more motivated to help Kosovo is Albania, despite the fact that the US, Turkey and Croatia support Kosovo militarily more and more seriously, but it is not too late for the Albanian State of Albania to support Kosovo as well. 

Kosovo is not only an issue of Kosovo Albanians, but it is a nationwide issue, and the aid of 50 million euros for the Kosovo army does not constitute any "threat" for the budget of 7 billion euros, which means that 50 million euros of aid for the Kosovo army is as much as 1/140 of Albania's budget, when Albania only receives these euros from the tax that Kosovo Albanians pay for crossing the "Nation Road" to visit Albania.

 That's why I don't believe there will be any political, media debate or opposition if the Albanian government will grant financial aid for the defense of Kosovo, when Serbia spends 500 million euros from its budget for the Serbian minority in Kosovo.


By Skënder Kapiti- Sot News