"We are urgent/ Italy 'gives the ultimatum' - for migrants


Jan 2, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Italian Minister for Relations with Parliament Luca Ciariani in an interview with La Stampa newspaper said that the agreement with Albania on migrants will be approved in February and the first reading of the Prime Minister will be in the spring.


"The ratification of the agreement with Albania will be approved in February and the first reading of the prime minister will be in the spring," he said.



On the agreement with Albania, the minister explained that "there is no hesitation" and "we are so convinced that we asked for urgency in the adoption of the draft law, which in our hope will be approved in February".



He explained that immigration will be a topic the government will focus particularly on this new year 2024, because "it is the point where we have suffered most with our voters," melon confidant said.


"We had a tough summer. From the very beginning, it was not easy to make migration a major international issue. We asked the voters for patience, but the results - the minister explained - will come."



The Constitutional Court of Albania has blocked the Italy-Albania pact for migrants on December 13, 2023. She said she was considering a lawsuit made by opposition MPs against the deal.


In this way, the court announced that the procedure for ratification of the agreement with Italy, scheduled for voting in the Parliament on 14 December 2023, is automatically suspended.



Meanwhile, the hearing on the Constitutional Court's decision on this issue will be held on January 18, 2024, at 10:00.


On December 6, 30 members of the Berisha-Bardhi group submitted to the Constitutional Court the request for declaration of incompatible with the Constitution of the agreement between Albania and Italy on migrants, signed on November 6 in Rome by Prime Ministers Rama and Meloni.


 The Berisha-Bardhi Group simultaneously requested from the court the ban, as well as suspension of procedures for ratification of the protocol by the Assembly.


In order to give force to the agreement signed by Rama and Meloni in Rome for the construction of the migrant camp in the 3,71-capacity framework and the use of the Port of Shëngjin as a landing port, it must be ratified by parliament with at least <> votes.



A historic agreement, reached in principle since 15 August when Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni came by ferry from Puglia to rest with the family of Albanian counterpart Edi Rama in Vlora, was signed on 6 November 2023 between the two leaders in the "Palazzo Chigi" in Rome.


The port of Shëngjin will be the entry gateway for illegal migrants attempting to enter Europe through Italy, according to the protocol for managing migratory flows, the Albanian media write.