February 1 - Skopje: US partnership is key in Chinese and Russian influence


Photo: Skopje’s government press service

Feb 1, 2024. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


Attending a forum on Chinese and Russian influence in the Balkans held in the US on Wednesday, North Macedonia’s Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies, Slavica Grkovska, said that US partnership is key in dealing with malign influences in the Balkan region, Skopje’s government press service reported.

 Grkovska took part in the event ahead of the traditional prayer breakfast in Washington, which she will attend.

She noted that North Macedonia has always been subjected to various influences, including harmful ones, which have undermined every step the country has taken towards NATO membership and EU accession negotiations.

"Unfortunately, these influences not only have not diminished with North Macedonia's accession to NATO but have intensified as the country is faced with new obstacles to joining the European Union. In such a context, malign narratives, fake news, and disinformation are spreading wider and deeper in society. All this benefits the countries that, historically speaking, have always opposed North Macedonia. And the Euroscepticism and anti-Western sentiment, which are systematically growing, could have long-term consequences for the stability of our society and the whole region," Grkovska stressed.

She expressed hope that the US will remain an ally and friend of North Macedonia and will continue to support the country's efforts to promote democracy and the rule of law and build sustainable institutional capacity.

"Without the US partnership, we would not be able to deal with the malign influences of the enemies of freedom and democracy, nor prevent the metastases spreading in the fragile fabric of our society," Grkovska added.