Bulgaria: Protest against police violence takes place in front of the Ministry of Interior

Nov 24, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


A protest against police violence is held outside the Ministry of Interior on November 24. Protesters demand the resignation of Minister Kalin Stoyanov.


The protest is organized by “Boets” (Bulgaria United for One Goal) civic movement and "Grazhdanski Megdan".

The protesters demand that the professional leadership of the Ministry of Interior acknowledge the existence of a serious systemic problem of police violence, not only against football fans, and develop a policy to reform the Ministry of Interior.

The protesters are demanding the immediate resignation of the heads of the police forces involved in police terror.

Minister Kalin Stoyanov should take responsibility for the police violence at last week's protest outside the National Stadium and resign, protesting members of the public say. According to them, he is politically dependent, without the necessary professional, moral and ethical qualities, according to Bulgarian media.