Bulgaria’s Parliament gave permission for the purchase of Stryker armoured vehicle


Nov 10, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas

After a stormy dispute, the Bulgarian Parliament on November 9 gave the cabinet a permission to enter into a contract with the US government to buy Stryker armoured vehicles for the army.

“Vazrazhdane” were outraged that for the same money the army could buy modern French Dexter or German Boxer fighting machines.

"This decision is criminal. "Vazrazhdane" will not support it. We will make sure that whoever signed it will one day bear criminal responsibility and serve his sentence for this crime in prison," said Kostadin Kostadinov, leader of "Vazrazhdane".


The chair of the defence committee, Hristo Gadzhev, explained that the deal was financially advantageous.

"540 million euros is for 150 machines, i.e. cheaper than all other offers of companies. And for 195 machines it is 715 million euros, i.e. again cheaper than other companies gave for 150 machines."

The left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party accused the defence minister that instead of implementing the decision of the 44th Parliament, which had approved a significantly lower price, he is now proposing to cancel the procurement and directly negotiate with the US for machines at twice the price.

"I hope the resignation is in defence minister Tagarev's pocket and he will tender it today after the end of this sitting, if he has not done so earlier upon entering the Parliament. The most sensible thing to do is to withdraw it and resign so that you can stop this national betrayal you are committing, Mr Minister," said Borislav Gutsanov of BSP for Bulgaria.

Minister Tagarev accused the opposition of working against the interests of the country. The dialogue in the chamber about the benefits and drawbacks went on.

"This is a good decision and I am very sorry that there are MPs who work against the interests of the army and against the interests of the country," he said.


"As for what we are discussing now, whatever things are said from this rostrum, it is clear that this Stryker model is an old model," said Toshko Yordanov, chair of “There is Such a People” parliamentary group.

The defence minister disagreed and gave an example.

"The first combat vehicles of this type entered the US Army in December 2017 and the US Army is currently purchasing such combat vehicles.

The chair of the defence committee urged lawmakers to have more faith in the military who drew up the parameters of the order.

"I trust the commanders and their analysis that things are built properly and meet the requirements for both planning and engine capacity, because these are the choir , who will command them and their subordinates will be on them and will not allow deviations from quality," said Hristo Gadzhev of GERB-UDF, Chair of the Defense Committee.

With 134 votes in favour from GERB-UDF, We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria and the Movement for Rights and Feedoms (MRF), 55 against and two abstentions, the Parliament approved the allocation of BGN 2.5 billion for the purchase of combat vehicles. After the contract is drawn up, it must be further approved by Congress and the Bulgarian Parliament, according to Bulgarian media.