"Mr. Rama's anxiety was not to lose the municipality of Himara", Fredi Beleri speaks to the Greek media: I cannot be kept in custody for so long with the testimony of a person convicted of fraud and theft


Nov 10, 2023. Posted by  Balkan Periscope - Hellas


The elected mayor of Himara, Fredi Beleri, who has been in prison since May 12, for buying votes, gave an interview to the Greek media ERT .

In the interview, Beleri says that he is being held in prison in order not to take the office of mayor.

He also said that he cannot be kept in jail for so long just because of a witness accused of fraud and theft.

"After admitting that it was financed, in any democratic country the accusation would have been dismissed. I cannot be held in custody for so long with the testimony of a convicted fraud and theft and a police associate that the Himara Police Director has admitted to being used in other cases. To the lawyer's question "what happened after you left to get the money?". He says I don't remember. He went and handed over the money after 8 hours, a false story ," he says.

Beleri has exploded against Albanian justice, even noting that at this moment in Himare, the mayor remains the one who was defeated in the May 14 elections.

"The judges, the people who are supposed to have run the "new justice" as they like to call it, these are the old ones. They are people who have "tails" from the past, they have affairs. A person who lost the elections remains in the administration of the municipality and for as long as he stays in the Albanian press and the judiciary there are accusations that he makes decisions, which constitute scandals and financial irregularities. We filed lawsuits for forged documents that are in the file, which SPAK closes the case and does not accept our lawsuits", he added.

Fredi Beleri underlines that the main goal of the government is not to allow him to be mayor and to implement the reconstruction plan of Himara.

"Mr. Rama's anxiety was not to lose the municipality of Himara. I believe that he is trying to exclude me from the fight for the Municipality, if elections are held again. They will continue the same policy of grabbing property and trying to make life difficult and deprive the local residents, the Greeks, of financial resources, with the aim of leaving us."

According to Beler, there is tangible evidence on the basis of which it is proven that the Albanian authorities are falsifying property declarations, proceeding at the same time with illegal changes to the zonal plan of Himara.

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